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How was a photography workshop in 1961

4/15/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

M/S of a group of amateur photographers and Redcoats with cameras at a holiday camp; the Official Photographer removes the lens cover from one man's camera. Commentator says the Camp Photographers advise holidaymakers on the best way to take their own personal photos.

M/S of their subject; a buxom blonde girl with highly back combed hair, wearing a white swimsuit and holding an inflatable beach ball above her head; the Official Photographer adjusts her pose and holds a light meter next to her. One of the photographers is brought forward to take a photo.

M/S as the Official Photographer adjusts the pose of another girl in shorts and a top; three of the men crouch down to photograph her.

M/S as two girls, one in a swimsuit, one in a bikini, pose beside a swimming pool; another Official Photographer adjusts their poses (they like doing this, don't they?!) and holds a light meter beside them. M/S of a crowd of men and women with cameras; some receive instruction from the Officials. They snap away at the posing girls.

Note: the name of the holiday camp is not mentioned, but he is assuming it is Butlins / Butlin's.(Clacton, Essex.)

Text and video via British Pathé