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HOLOGRAMS are the FUTURE: So why not try and make some DIY Holograms!!!!

5/07/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Its only a matter of time that we will be using and seeing holograms in our everyday lives.

The APPLE corporation is currently trying to develop Holographic technology.

So why not try and make some Holograms!!!!

Glass, Mirrors, Fog, Mist, Steam, and a Projector is all we used to create the illusion of a hologram.

When holograms eventually become a part of mainstream culture these old techniques shown in this video will still play a factor in the creation of the technology that takes us to the Holographic revolution.

What do you think will be the next step that brings us closer to the Holographic revolution???

Music by: ST∆RC∆DI∆N
Song: Waters (off the Sunset Blood album)

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This episode was a part of a collaboration with several other PBS Digital Studios shows, all talking about THE FUTURE!! Check out the other episodes!

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