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Introducing The Most REVOLUTIONARY Photography Product Ever by Jared Polin

6/21/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Introducing the FroKnowsPhoto "Limited Edition" Talking Bobble Head (2 AA Batteries Included)!!!!! The FRO Bobble head stands roughly 8.5 inches in tall (fro pick to bottom of the base). It comes with 2 AA batteries already installed and says 10 different things totaling 30 seconds of audio. SOLD IN THE USA ONLY.

©Jared Polin
 "Jared Polin"
"Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass"
"I think I like the horizonticle better"
"Let's un-box it and give it a sniffy sniff"
"I think it's time for a ranty mc ranterson"
"It's Postman Fro with a package for you"
"See ya"

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Text and video via  Jared Polin