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Super speedy breakdown of the settings to record audio with a Canon 5D Mark III

6/07/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

Our friend Chris Lavigne  explains his philosophy for video production at Wistia : keep it simple.
The 5D is my favorite camera for a bunch of different reasons, but I'm not going to write (yet another) love letter to Canon. Instead, I want to share how we get around the Canon 5D's greatest downfall: capturing audio.
The workflow

Read the full post with more info about a speedy breakdown of his workflow and the settings to capture a perfect audio on


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, nice video...

Marijuic3 said...

I'm just curious. Why do you plug the H4 into the 5D?.. I record sound to the H4 and use the sound from the 5D to sync it with in pluraleyes, works perfect so why would I do this instead?

Tom said...

Because this works even perfecter. There will always be that one time you forgot to press the record button, so having a decentish backup which is intrinsically synced to your video is nice.