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Do your remember "The Action Hero"?: Now the Cotton Carrier StrapShot EV1 Kickstarter Project

7/29/2014 Matt 0 Comments

The StrapShot EV1 is the evolution of our highly successful, patented product, the StrapShot. The EV1 will be totally rethought, as we are noticing a change in how cameras are evolving by getting smaller with better image quality and we need to adapt to those changes.

The redesign is aimed to handle not only the smaller mirrorless, micro four thirds and compact cameras, but to work with larger dSLRs as well. We have reengineered the camera connector to make it smaller, and designed it so it avoids any interference with the battery door.

We took a hard look at how the StrapShot attached to your camera bag strap and determined that our product was too thick and over padded. By removing some of the foam material from the backside of the StrapShot, the result became much tighter, making the StrapShot EV1 more comfortable and sleeker to carry.

We also discovered an amazing opportunity with our camera Tether. The new safety Tether will be dual-purpose when using the EV1 on a bag or on your wrist. It acts as a safety tether when tethered to the StrapShot, and then transforms into wrist leash for safety and comfort when you want to ditch the bag and go handheld.

The StrapShot EV1 offers these superior benefits:

• holds your camera comfortably and securely

• attaches to almost any camera bag, as well as to your pants belt

• eliminates all pain and strain that traditional neck straps create

• allows you to have both hands free

• keeps your camera instantly available, and not packed away in your
pocket or backpack, so you never miss that perfect shot

Cotton Carrier need your help to fund this project

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