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Behind the scenes of the "Captured Agents" for Trusted Choice Insurance by Ross Feighery

8/25/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Behind the scenes video of the "Captured Agents" print campaign that  Ross Feighery shots for Trusted Choice Insurance with MARC USA. 
Images © Ross Feighery
Ross explains on his blog :
I was super excited to work on this project but also a bit nervous beforehand because the concepts were extra technically challenging to execute. We toyed around with different approaches to shooting these. There was talk of building miniature props/sets and shooting on location vs. in studio.

Ultimately we decided to build 2 full size offices in a studio and shoot all the images to scale. We had some custom props made and tried to do as much as we could in camera.
Image © Ross Feighery
Video by Mike Donovan
Music by Qwel & Maker - Gin River (used with permission)
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