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Making of the futuristic images for Hasselblad Photokina stand artwork with Karl Taylor

8/29/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Karl Taylor explains all about this futuristic photoshoot:

As a professional photographer it is always a great pleasure to be commissioned for a high profile shoot, but for me it was an exceptional honour to be commissioned to undertake this particular project.

In photography there is no bigger event than Photokina. It is the Olympics of the photographic world, it only happens every two years in the city of Cologne in Germany. Pretty much the entire photography world comes together to showcase their latest products, meet dealers, talk to the press and basically give it all they’ve got to show the world what they do.

One of the most prestigious brands on the planet (not just in photography) always stamps its mark at the event in a dramatic fashion. Hasselblad, renowned as the premier in professional photography, is set to wow again with their imposing stand at Photokina 2014. With this in mind I felt privileged and honoured to shoot the campaign images for this iconic company and their huge Photokina stand artwork.

The brief was to create stylish imagery that was edgy, impacting, befitting the brand and with a futuristic theme. This sci-fi style was needed to fit with the launch of the new digital backs for the older V system cameras and pay homage to Hasselblad’s involvement in the Apollo Lunar space missions.

My first thoughts were this had the potential to be a disaster. I was well aware that there is a fine line between a sci-fi theme and what could turn into a costume party!

Click on this link below to read the full project article plus see the photographic results and computer generated visual of Hasselblad's incredible stand for Photokina 2014: