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Go behind the scene of "Room 322" photo series and take a look at set building operations

9/27/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Room 322 (website) is a fine art project by Francesco Ridolfi, an Italian photographer working between Italy and Belgium.

Francesco Ridolfi is a portrait photographer who normally shoots for advertising and editorial projects. Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, he now splits his time between Brussels, Milan and Bologna working for different clients and assignments.

It's a real pleasure to announce his new fine art photo series called "Room 322" and the first video shows you  the backstage about this Francesco´s personal project..

Set Building of the Room 322 from zero:

One of the things that attract attention to this project is the creation of the bath room 322 from scratch. Creating a perfect stage to talk about multiple stories. This is the video about the Set Building.

Francesco explains the concept of this project:
"The airy luminosity of an ethereal space, aseptic and suspended, contrasts with the stolidity of these bodies - less than perfect in their awkward and authentic humanness.

Statically present, the hotel room preserves its non-connection to sundry turn-taking occupants: its stillness heightens the tension they feel inside, which rips itself free of these contentless surroundings.

Thus, from the bottom of a bathtub, contrasting perceptions emerge: appearance and reality, restlessness holding itself still, past within present; authenticity within fiction." 
The results:

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Thanks Francesco for sharing