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Quick Fist DIY Giotto's Quadpod: A world game changer for photography and DLSR videography

9/20/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our reader Dennis Buettner have had a simple but nice idea, a DIY solution for only $5 that how he saids " it is a world game changer for photography and DLSR videography":

Dennis Buettner explains the idea about the Quick Fist Giotto's Quadpod:

It happens to everyone who has ever used a camera and a monopod.

First off, there is no reason NOT to use a monopod.

Even an inexpensive monopod can provide the amateur or professional photographer with so many more professional capabilities.

There are some MAJOR downsides to using a standard monopod.

Where do I put my monopod when I need to pick up another piece of equipment or need to hold a long shot for an extended time? If I lean it up against something, it might easily fall. If I lay it down, it could get knocked over. I need to rapidly go between my monopod and a tripod and then back again. Arrrrgh!

If someone could just come up with a combination Tripod-Monopod which would hold my expensive equipment and never let it fall over.I would need to gain valuable capabilities instead of losing them. This Tripod-Monopod would have to be awesome and work on all my current Giotto's equipment.

Personal note: Giotto's is my favorite go-to brand. They mix quality and price and the outcome is excellent equipment.

It needs to be cheap and built to work, act - and look professional grade.

I came up with a simple $5.00 world game changer for anyone photographer or AND videographer whoever used or wants to use a monopod and have it be an effective piece of professional photographic equipment.

I call it the Quick Fist Giotto's Quadpod. I hope you are amazed.

If you have ever seen something like this before, let me know and I will apologize. I think it is an original idea. I searched for hours before realizing the solution was just already in front of me.

Boy does it work in an incredible way.

Thanks a lot  Dennis

Text and video via Dennis Buettner