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The Most Socially Influential photographer Jeremy Cowart's iPhone 6 Plus Photoshoot with JOHNNYSWIM

9/24/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The  Most Socially Influential photographer,  founder of OKDOTHIS (website) & Help-Portrait, Jeremy Cowart (blog)  presents his new behind the scenes photoshoot with his friends JOHNNYSWIM only with the iPhone 6 Plus. And yes,  all video shot exclusively with the iPhone 6 too. 
© Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy explains more about this project:
This week, I had the chance to do my first-ever real photoshoot with an iPhone. Granted, I’ve shot tens of thousands of photos with my iPhone over the years and did a whole project in Haiti with my iPhone 4S… but I’ve never done a commercial portrait photoshoot, using an iPhone only.

So Monday, I got to shoot my friends JOHNNYSWIM. If you’re not familiar with their music, I’d recommend going to check them out right now on iTunes. (Their songs “Diamonds” and “Live While We’re Young” will change your life.)

I’ve shot their last two album covers below with DSLRs. But we’ve never done an iPhone shoot until now.
© Jeremy Cowart
Remember that you can find out all the gear Jeremy Cowart uses for free by downloading his new book at 


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