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5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

10/16/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

DigitalRev met up with Bellamy Hunt aka JapanCameraHunter (website) to get his top 5 picks for classic film cameras for under $1000US plus give you some advice on where to shop for film cameras in Hong Kong.

About Bellamy Hunt:

My name is Bellamy Hunt, AKA Japancamerahunter. I live in Tokyo and love exploring the city, taking pictures and sharing my photographic knowledge with people. If you are ever in town drop me a line. You cannot miss me, I will be the guy walking around with a camera, a camera bag, a camera T-shirt and a nice shiny head. Chances are you will see me in one of the many camera shops around town.

Visit his website to learn  about film photography or if you want to buy a amazing film camera from Japan:

Text and video via DigitalRev TV