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Are you a full manual film photographer?: RYOBI Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer can help you

10/19/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How many times have you thought about a tool to measure the correct distance of your subject when you use a full manual film camera. This could be a solution. It is not designed for is a DIY solution and relatively cheap... and dangerours. Remember that a  direct laser light  exposure can  cause a eye injury. Be careful with this tool.

Measure distance with more confidence and functionality than ever before. RYOBI Phone Works has the innovation to transform your phone into a smart laser measurer with the Phone Works mobile app and Laser Distance Measurer device.
  • Measures distances within 1/16” accuracy at 90’
  • Offers length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurement functions
  • Displays images with digital measurement data on your smartphone screen
  • Features imperial or metric, decimal or fraction measurement options
How to Use the Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer:

All this for $79. Leica and even Bosh   have similar devices. If you are interesting in this, Digital Camera World wrote an article about this here

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