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Brian Gaberman: The Road To Wolfeboro using Pre-Civil-War style wet plate negatives

10/29/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Introducing the Road To Wolfeboro: a documentary of a 10-day journey from New York to Wolfeboro; a coming of age story of the maturing Element brand and the evolvement of Brian Gaberman, outstanding photographer to exquisite artist; a road in which two entities have developed a state of mind, where nature and family values are embraced as a priority, but where the love for skateboarding will never be denied.

"The beauty in these glass negatives is in their weaknesses, its in their flaws. They're just like us humans, every one of us is unique, and ever plate that I make is totally unique." -Brian Gaberman

Text, images and video via and  ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS