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Softening Speedlites for portraiture in tight spaces with Zach Gray

10/05/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

To soften and broaden speedlites for portraiture in tight spaces, Westcott Top Pro photographer Zach Gray ( website ) uses the ProGrip Speedlite Handle and Umbrella Kit.

The ProGrip is a molded speedlite handle that features a built-in umbrella receptacle and two adjustable shoe mount brackets. These brackets allow can be easily hand held on-location to eliminate the need for light stands.

Zach uses Westcott's 43" Optical White Umbrella to soften his speedlite output. This collapsible umbrella folds down to under 15" for effortless portability. Zach is also using a crystal to create a lens flare in his final photographs.

Text and video via F.J. Westcott