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GoGoGoICP: Help to Mélanie Duault to study one year at the International Center of Photography in NY

11/04/2014 Matt 0 Comments

GoGoGoICP is a crowdfunding ( link) project to raise money so that Mélanie Duault can stay in New-York to finish her one year of study at the International Center of Photography.

Mélanie needs $39,816 to live and study in New York City for the 1 year full-time program and she explains his project to get the money with your help:

The stop motion is called « On my way to NYC and » I produced it this summer in Brooklyn with a very creative team. This strong visual material aims to promote my Gogogoicp campaign. The challenge of my life right now? Stay in US to study photography in ICP ((International Center of Photography) in New York City thanks to crowdfunding. School has already started and if I don’t gather the money I won’t be able to stay. Time is short because some part of the tuition is due this week!                            

Behind the scenes:

After billons of hours spent on Photoshop and After Effect, 2 139 frames, a lot of roughs and moodboards and beautiful illustrations, the stop motion is finally up. I feel now I need to share it with the entire world and with other people who are as passionate about photography!

I hope to raise $39 816 through crowdfunding and the world community so I can stay in US and study at the school of my dreams. School has already started since the end of september and the deadline for the biggest part of the tuition is November 3rd, and February 1st.                                                                                                                                  
My destiny in in your little hands and I will be forever thankful to my backers.                        
Sure you will get it Mélanie. This is the link to help her->