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Exploring an Ancient Ethiopian Village with Jason Lanier & 2 Mirrorless Cameras of $1,500

12/31/2014 Matt 1 Comments

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier for a once in a lifetime opportunity as he explores an ancient and traditional village in Ethiopia with his Sony A6000 and Sony NEX5R for an unforgettable photojournalism experience. (  Armed with only two cameras worth less than $1,500 combined )

Jason took his Sony A6000 and NEX5R into a living traditional village hours away from the hustle and bustle of Addis Ababa not knowing what to expect. He truly felt like having small mirrorless cameras gave him an advantage to get more intimate shots without a huge camera staring his subjects in the face.

Includes video footage as well as stills taken from both cameras. The main footage was filmed on the Sony VG30. Lenses used were the Sony E Mount 16mm with the wide angle converter and the E Mount Sony 55-210. All images developed using only Lightroom.

Jason Lanier
This trip was made possible in part by the Out of the Ashes Foundation. For more information regarding their amazing charity please visit

Video, text and image via Jason Lanier

NOTE of EDITOR: I have a Nex too, but I have to said that I only get a good quality of image with prime lens like Sigma 30mm 2.8. My NEX is my every day camera when I do not use the Iphone.


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Very strange. Odd behavior and shooting style.