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Making of the photo "Closing Out" by Erik Johansson

12/09/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Behind the scenes video of the making of the photo Closing Out by Erik Johansson. From sketch to final image in 97 seconds. See the final image

© Copyright 2014, Erik Johansson via
Erik Johansson explains:

I wanted to create a world between outside and inside and somehow let them meet. I had this idea for quite some time now but it was not until this year that I decided to actually make it come to life. I always try to capture as much as possible in camera, it’s much easier to make it look realistic that way. For this piece I decided to have my sisters sheeps as models (Tore, Birgit and Ull-Rik) and I knew that I wanted to shoot the outdoor part of the photo in an real outdoor environment. I just took some wood boards, old paint buckets and an old Elinchrom D-lite flash with a powergenerator to the pretty massive pen where the sheeps live. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get a chance to shoot them but they were very curious what was going out in their other pretty ordinary day. At first looking from a distance but after a while they were running around all over. I got a few nice shots of them and those were the ones I used in the final image.

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