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4 Options 4 Off Camera Flash: Phottix, Interfit, Pocket Wizard and Yongnuo by Jason Lanier

1/18/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier as he walks you though the 4 options available for Sony Mirrorless Cameras for Off Camera Flash!

One of the most frequently asked questions out there with the Sony Mirrorless line is, "How do I get off camera flash when there aren't many options out there?" Well, there are.
In this video Jason quickly shows the 4 different options that he's found including:

  • Phottix Mitros/Odin- this system offers High Speed Sync, TTL, Remote Control of the Power Ratios and more and is made specifically for Sony. It's the most advanced system out there for Sony users and works great.
Phottix Mitros Odin

  • Interfit ProFlash Strobes- these strobes work on any camera system including the Sony Mirrorless. They are powerful, have a fast recycle time but do not offer High Speed Sync or TTL.
Interfit ProFlash Strobes

  • Pocket Wizard Flex TT5- Jason shows how he used his Nikon Pocket Wizards with his Sony A7ii and they work seamlessly to fire his Nikon SB910 flash.

  • Jason shows the trick of how to get the Yongnuo 622N transceivers to work with his Sony A7ii and his Nikon SB910 flash.

All of these 4 options work on the A6000, or any of the A7 series cameras and even work on Jason's Sony A77ii DSLT. To purchase any of these gear options please use the link below...Jason appreciates it!

Text, images and video via Jason Lanier