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BTS of Tecate Zodiac Calendar by Tim Tadder

1/09/2015 Matt 2 Comments

Please go check out the BTS of  Tecate Zodiac Calendar by Tim Tadder! Please appreciate the project it RAD!:

A assignment of a lifetime! I feel so blessed and must thank the fantastic team of creatives that made this project come together! From the agency head of art Hector Espinosa, Marco Marco's custom costume design, the CGI team at Playground, Prague, to the talented producers at 3Star productions, and of course the army of assistants, props, set design, truely an amazing team effort!

I'll let the images and the BTS say the rest! THANK YOU! -saids Tim-

And who said that  a job is boring. Tim has a great team behind every project.

Text, images and video via Tim Tadder

See all the final images on


Anonymous said...

And I can get the calendar where?

I am not sure if you can buy a prited version.

The website is