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Maximize the Power of your Speedlights with the DIY On Axis Flash Bracket by Casey Fatchett

1/15/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Casey Fatchett (website) was named “Best Wedding Photographer in New York City” and one of the “Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the United States” by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards in 2013.

Casey Fatchett
For photographers who use off-camera speedlights, one problem that often comes up while using modifiers such as umbrellas is that speedlites and mounts commonly made for them are not designed to put the light on the same axis as the umbrella shaft. This leads to inefficient light usage since umbrellas (and most lighting modifiers) are designed to receive light directly at their center.

Casey maked a DIY strobist project to create an on-axis bracket for speedlites. You can mount one to four lights. Quick, easy to store, and cost efficient.

Remember how Casey  said at the beginning of the video that using a flash ‘off axis’ leads to inefficient lighting? Let’s take a look at a visual representation of that. Below are four different configurations of flashes, all shot with the same camera settings (f/2.8 – ISO 200 – 1/160th of a second).

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Check out the link below to get all information on the equipment Casey used, with more pictures and put together your own bracket---> Speedlite Project

Thanks a lot Casey ( twitter ) for your help and support