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Why photographers must not to work alone: Behind The Scenes Kirsten Miccoli´s Personal Project 2014

1/09/2015 Matt 0 Comments

This is the amazing team behind this project. All work together with photographer Kirsten Miccoli (website) to make this personal project real:
  1. Shot & Chopped by Indirap...
  2. Production: Indirap Productions
  3. Camera Operators: Julian Tillotson & Peter House
  4. Editor: Julian Tillotson
  5. Photographer: Kirsten Miccoli
  6. Artist: Steven Sloan
  7. Hair and Makeup: Loni Hale & Frances Tslas
  8. Wardrobe Styling: Arlene Matthews & Brandon Frein
  9. Manager: Ana Dominguez
  10. Agencies: Factor, The Rock & Modelogic
Remember, do not work alone. Do personal projects with other artists to grow up. I think is a good tip for this weekend.

Thanks for sharing