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C-Stand Basics: How to operate with this powerful tool by Shane Hurlbut

2/07/2015 Matt 3 Comments

While traveling around to different cities on the Illumination Experience Tour last year, Shane Hurlbut quickly realized that many people did not understand the basics of how to operate a c-stand properly. A foundation in c-stand protocols, the so called rules, are essential to live by. In the right hands and with the right instruction, this baby will change the way you light. That is what Shane wants to share with you.

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Text, image and video via Shane Hurlbut, ASC


Anonymous said...

Why Shane instead of a Key Grip?
Shane would never be allowed to touch or manipulate any grip equipment on a real movie set...
Only when the camera is pointed at him will he pretend to demonstrate that these are valuable tools of the set.
This video and others like it misrepresent what's really happening on film sets.
A true DP would have a rep from the Grip crew to properly demonstrate how amazing C - stands really are...

Anonymous said...

ok your comment is way more useless than the video... can you at least point out what he's doing wrong (if anything) and actually add something useful?

thanks, douche!

Dave Barak said...

Anonymous #1,

1. Shane WAS a grip as he mentioned in the video.

2. This is a video about C-stands, not set protocol.

3. It's Shane's video.

3. Return to 1.