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Digital Storage Solutions - Behind the Lens with Joel Grimes

2/19/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Behind the Lens video blog with Joel Grimes. Covering topics ranging from the creative process, image capture, post processing techniques and product review.

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Unknown said...

Every photographer talk about how to prevent disk failure in order to dont lose their photos. But no one talk about how to backup your data.
You have one of those systems with all your work of years and one day someone go into your home or your office and steal them. What do you do then?
I think a good post will be one that talk about how to backup all your data to have them in other location.

Btw, good vid to know how professionals save their work.

See you.

Unknown said...

Being most Image files become proprietary; I can certainly understand the preface o physically keeping the files at arms reach. I would, however, consider a cloud based online solution. Most backups are seamlessly automatic and stored in a secure Mainframe away from the elements. All in all, great vid of backup solutions. Puts potential catastrophe in perspective.