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A DIY solution for really awesome preview of negative film on your ipad and iphone

3/22/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Today we received a private message from Adam Af Ekenstam with a solution for a really awesome preview of negative film on your ipad and iphone. But today our friends of Petapixel (link) were faster than me today:D.  If you do not follow them yet, what are waiting for? Visit

I think is a great DIY solution and sure very useful for you if you are a film photographer.

Invert colors

I came up with an awesome way to preview my collection of both negative color and b&w film rolls. It´s really fascinating to see the images so fast and easy, and also be able to zoom in on small parts and discover even the smallest details. -Adam says-

Try this out with your iPad or iPhone!
Do you know if the same technique can be used with some android devices? Please share below!

Do you have any tip or comments about this, or how we can improve this? Please comment down below!

Text, images and video via Adam af Ekenstam


CKDexterHaven said...

This is an interesting analog to the light table and loupe. I like it. It might be more efficient/effective if you could put the negs into a 'carrier' of some sort. Just to keep them flat and stable, and to keep your fingerprints off of them. I have carriers for my Epson flatbed scanner and my Minolta film scanner that i will try for this purpose.