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Nikon D7200 Hands-On Field Test by Chris Niccolls

3/11/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

From the Nikon D70 forward, Nikon's prosumer DX bodies have always been some of the most compelling mid-range bodies available. Will the new D7200 keep the streak alive?

TCSTV's Chris Niccolls takes a look.

Shot by Levi Holwell on the Sony A7S|
Edited by Jordan Drake


Anonymous said...

A better sensor than the D7100, better buffer, and faster processor make this well-balanced camera and a reasonable upgrade. I was disappointed in the D7100 buffer and I didn't like the image quality of the sensor. I'd really like more fps for shooting HS sports, and this frame rate is acceptable, not ideal. The D7200 definitely leaves room for a D400. Overall, the D7200 looks to be a solid camera. Can I really get clean shots at 3200 ISO with the D7200? If so, I'm sold.

I did not test this camera, but I had a d7000 years ago. I do not think you can get clean shots at 3200 ISO.