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Racing Extinction: A custom Tesla Model S modified to project clips and images of threatened species on large-scale surfaces

3/17/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The highly-anticipated film Racing Extinction ( made its Colorado debut at the 2015 Boulder International Film Festival ( Racing Extinction, directed by Academy Award-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove), is a project of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) that features an unlikely team of activists and innovators that hatch a bold mission to save endangered species. To illuminate the documentary's important mission, the festival brought the 'undercover mobile eco-projection' vehicle from the film to inspire the communities of Denver and Boulder.

Una foto publicada por Racing Extinction (@racingextinction) el

Balcony Nine Media were asked to film the car's special visit and created this video for BIFF's Closing Night to recap the experience. The custom Tesla Model S ( made for the film is a modified electric car designed and engineered by Obscura Digital.

The state of the art technology includes an electroluminescent paint job from Darkside Scientific, a FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera that enables visualization of C02 emissions and a customized video system that projects clips and images of threatened species on large-scale surfaces. To spread the word and share your sightings, use the hashtags #RacingExtinction and #ProjectingChange.

All footage captured and edited by Jon Brumbaugh and Katie Stjernholm of Balcony Nine Media. | | |
Music: 'First Snow' by Emancipator.

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"The greatest danger to our future is apathy." -Jane Goodall

Text, images and video via Balcony Nine Media