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The most complete Hands-On Review about the new Profoto B2

3/03/2015 Matt 1 Comments

Join Daniel Norton and the Adorama team for an introduction to Profoto's B2. A wonderful tool for event photographers or shooting on location, the B2 is a battery-powered TTL flash that's delivered in a pack and head system, making it simple for assistants to wear over their shoulder or to hang on a lightstand.

At 250 w/s, the B2 is perfect for using during indoor shoots as well, dialing down low, and delivering beautiful natural light to all of your images. Profoto has designed the B2 in the same vein as the B1, making this new flash compatible with all of Profoto's accessories used on the B1.

Text and video via adorama


I did a review after 4 months of real world use at weddings and shoots.