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How to Turn on Headlights in Photoshop

6/02/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This episode is a real turn on! Car lovers rejoice: Learn How to Turn on Headlights in Photoshop! Learn all the tricks to creating realistic light, including lens flares and light streaks made from scratch.

A great way to start is to really analyze and sketch out your ideas for the photo. This can clarify what will need to be done to complete a realistic effect.

For this picture, Phlearn plan out where the beam of light will be and in which direction it will shine. Phlearn also decide that it makes sense for the light to be brighter closer to the actual headlight, and gradually decrease as it gets farther from the car. They notice that the headlight should be shown shining on the road as well. And for a special touch, a lens flare will complete the look!
Creating the Beam of Light

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