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"On demand": Today we present a new section on the blog with "Bending the Light"

6/17/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Today we present a new section on the blog. There are interesting videos about photography out there....but they are not free. As curator, the idea is make a selection of the best tutorials/documentary that I can find, even if they have a low or a high cost.

I show you the have the final choice. I do not want you lose your time, them all post will have a sign  before the title: "On demand". And of course, if you buy or rent one, you help to support this blog.

This is the first video: "Bending the Light". We wish you like.

From acclaimed director Michael Apted (The Up Series, Masters of Sex, The World is Not Enough) comes a revealing look at the art of filmmaking and photography. A journey of glass, the documentary explores the relationship between the artisans who create camera lenses and the masters of light who use these lenses to capture their beloved art form.

Bending the Light features never-before-seen footage from inside a premier Japanese lens factory, intimate interviews with lens engineers, and a peek into the world of award-winning photographers and cinematographers Stephen Goldblatt, ASC, BSC, Greg Gorman, Simon Bruty, Laura El-Tantawy, and Richard Barnes.


If you want to buy or rent it this is the link: