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Review: Nick Saglimbeni´s Mastering Lighting VIP Exclusive Black Box Edition

8/12/2015 Matt 0 Comments


After "Mastering Retouching" and "Mastering Compositing", photographer and filmmaker Nick Saglimbeni presents the third volume in the SlickforceSystem trilogy, "Mastering Lighting."
Nick and his team have left nothing to chance. To our delight, we at ISO1200 are the lucky owners of a VIP Exclusive Black Box Edition, limited to 100 units. (Special thanks to Joyce at Slickforce!)

VIP Exclusive Black Box Edition

This product is truly a luxury item. The VIP Edition comes with a small octobox, a perfect decoration in my office. A “Lighting Journal” with more information and technical notes that appear in the DVD is included in the box, perfect for remembering the most important details.


When a behind-the-scenes tutorial is filmed in a cinematic style reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster, it is a thrill to watch.

Nick knows how to get our attention from the first minute, and he wastes no time with filler content. Every phrase, every sequence is perfectly designed to transmit all of his knowledge. His voice and explanations are so helpful in illustrating the shoot experience that it actually feels like we are right there with him.

If there is one thing that Nick highlights again and again, it’s the importance of a good location—and "Mastering Lighting" follows Nick to two very different locations. He also underscores important elements such as available light, composition, and the model, all of which contributes to achieving the result we want: a great photo.

Nick dissects his photoshoots down to the smallest detail, from finding the perfect composition or the ideal settings of our cameras to balancing the ambient light with our strobes.


One of the shortcomings I find with many behind-the-scenes tutorials is their inability to convey the spatial composition of the scene to the viewer, especially with regards to the exact placement and direction of lights and how they affect the subject.

Nick turns to 3D to recreate his locations in virtual reality, fully wrapping the viewer into the scene. This is a groundbreaking teaching method that others will undoubtedly copy in the future.


Perhaps the best way to express my opinion on this DVD is that I saw it all at once, without getting out of my chair, from the beginning to the end. His style, recorded in a similar style to a big-budget Hollywood production, is a success on multiple levels.

If it leaves you wanting more—but do not worry, because we already know that there will be a sequel.

Highly recommended. A+++


Mastering Lighting: vol. 1 Digital Download- $149