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How to remove Tourists in Photoshop by Greg Benz

8/10/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Learn how to remove tourists and other moving distractions from any photo in Photoshop easily in this quick tutorial.

Key segments:
0:00 Intro & Lightroom setup
2:11 Sending the images to Photoshop as layers
3:35 Make Smart Object and set to "median" to get rid of moving objects
5:00 Clone/heal to fix artifact
6:19 Blending in original image to keep a moving object

A little tip by Andy Astbury  to be more efficient:
Before you convert to smart object [..], just copy the layer with the best sculpture position, move it to the top of the layer stack, then turn its visibility OFF. Then select all other layers and convert to smart object. Then turn the visibility of the 'copy layer' back on. Same workflow - just that bit more efficient!

Text and video via  Greg Benz