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Self-Portrait photoshoot with creative body painting by Ilko Allexandroff

8/29/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is the brand new video by Ilko Allexandroff. He explains on his YouTube channel more about the lighting:
For this shot I am using a one light setup with the Nissin MG8000 Strobe, and my light modifier is the RoundFlash which I really enjoy using for this kind of close up shots! I’m having also a PS8 Battery Pack, since I’m shooting at 2 seconds intervals with the ioShutter, and I want to make sure the strobe will be firing all the time! The trigger I’m using is Cactus V6! I am at low ISO-100, and if it was not a self portrait shoot I would probably go at f/2, but as I wanted to make sure I am in focus I chose to close up a bit more the aperture to around F/2.5! Shutter speed is at the sync speed 1/160!

Gear used:

RoundFlash Dish & Ring:
Nissin MG8000 strobes:
Cactus V6 triggers:
Canon 135mm f/2 Lens - My article about it:

Text and video:

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