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Guest post: Behind the scenes "Untameable Drive" for Toyo Tires

9/24/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Toyo Tires partnered up with us to build a strong brand movie.We imagined a story embodying the core values of the brand: speed, driven and performance.

We were so lucky to have a super team to work on this ambitious movie.

Together we managed to shoot this movie in 4 days… well actually nights!

We had the chance to get 3 ferocious cars that gave the extra edge to our characters.
We filmed almost everything in slowmotion at 100fps with the Sony F55 and the Sony FS7 coupled with Zeiss Compact Prime 2. The cameras got pushed to their limits in terms of low lighting because we couldn't light the entire space due to the size of the shooting location.

We managed to pull it off with a few Arri M18 for the external locations and KinoFlo for the interiors.

To get the story straight, a lot of people think we used stock video for all the wolf sequences but we actually did film a real wolf in its natural habitat in daylight.

Post-production was quite tricky because we had to make it look like it was shot at night. Now for the rhino tattoo on the back of the badboy, this tattoo has been completely drawn by hand. The actor had to stay still for 6 hours straight without touching his back to avoid any mess on the rhino drawing.

For the little anecdote, the thing is that he already had a tattoo of a huge dragon on his back so the designer had to hide the first one and then draw the rhino on top of it.

Let’s face it, we just all gave in to the untameable drive and never looked back!

Thanks a ton to Xavier Portela | Website

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