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How to photograph New York City from a Helicopter by Patrick Hall

9/21/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Watch as photographer Patrick Hall attempts to photograph New York City with the Nikkor 200 - 400 f4 lens from a helicopter.

I used a sunset calculator to see when the sun actually set to maximize the blue hour flight time. The difficult thing is, for a city like this, the best lighting for the blue hour is actually a bit later than you would think. You want some detail in the buildings while also having lots of city lights on too. There is actually a point of time, maybe about 20 minutes, where the sun has set but the scene is still a little boring which is depressing because you are paying for that flight time but that's the nature of getting the best mix of natural ambient and artificial ambient. - said Patrick on YouTube

Text and video via Fstoppers

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Unknown said...

You might find that using a gyro-stabilizer is the way to go when shooting from a helicopter. Additional note: Never carry a long lens by the camera body as it puts way too much stress on the camera mount.