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New Sony A7SII: Main Features with Video Samples

9/12/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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4K low-light ISO comparison movie:

Spectacular sensitivity — up to ISO 409600*, with wide dynamic range.

Capturing your vision requires superior sensitivity to reveal the subtle nuances of a situation. With enhanced imaging of ultra-high sensitivity up to ISO 409600* and extra-wide dynamic range, the α7S II can record scenes in spectacular detail, from shadows to highlights, in virtually any light. The remarkable clarity and lack of noise in stills and movies go far toward realizing better image results than you may have imagined.

* Standard ISO range: 100-102400 for stills and movies. Expandable ISO range: 50-409600 for stills, 100-409600 for movies.

5-axis optical image stabilization:

Equivalent to using a 4.5-stop* faster shutter speed, this system compensates for five types of camera shake that can compromise handheld shots, so you can zoom in on faraway subjects, and capture close-ups and night scenes with minimal blur. The camera's extraordinary light sensitivity and image stabilization let you use a greater range of shutter speed/ISO/aperture settings to express your vision. The 5-axis image stabilization is effective for shooting even handheld movies with superior stability under all conditions.

* Based on CIPA standard. Pitch/Yaw shake only. With Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA lens mounted. Long exposure NR off.

Fast Intelligent AF for movie:

High-speed, high-precision Fast Intelligent AF in light as low as EV -4. Thanks to the 12.2-megapixel*1 Exmor CMOS sensor's clear, noiseless image depiction, Fast Intelligent AF in the α7S II easily detects contrast and works unconventionally fast and accurately even when shooting at night or in dark environments with light as low as EV -4. AF speed is also now even twice faster than the previous model* when shooting movies.

*In comparison with the α7S in shooting Full HD movies.

5x Slow Motion "Takigi-noh" in Full HD:

120fps Full HD recording and 4x/5x slow motion recording.

Full pixel readout without pixel binning at 120fps (100fps) in combination with ultra-high sensitivity allows the α7S II to record high-quality, low-noise, high-frame-rate Full HD movies*. 120fps (100fps) capability also makes possible internal recording of 4x/5x slow motion movies with frame rate set at 30p (25p) or 24p. Otherwise, Full HD footage shot at 120fps can also be recorded with 100Mbps high bit rate to reveal fine details.

* Pixels to be read are limited to the sensor area that is required for Full HD movies.


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