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Creating Window Light Anytime by Daniel Norton

10/11/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Whether your shoot is at night or you are in a dark studio, Daniel Norton on set shows you a technique to create a window light look any time or place. No window required.

What is the difference between using this technique and using a large soft box (Q by bhijjawy)?

As far as the look we did goes it would be very similar with a softbox. With the softbox being a bit more directional and possibly giving you more power due to its shape. On a practical level, a softbox this big would be much more expensive. Another advantage of this technique is you can place multiple lights (let's say a bunch of speedlights or use hotlights inside the box. An finally, though we didn't do it here, you can place the strobe at different distances from the silk to create more or less even lighting and even face the strobe back into the box to create a very low contrast feel. -said Daniel-

Text, image and video via Adorama and Daniel Norton

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