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Easiest DIY GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

10/18/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

You might notice your GoPro fogging up, especially when using it in the water. These anti-fog strips are perfect for preventing the fog, and all you need is a paper towel.

Cut strips about 0.75"x3" and fold them up as shown in the video. Place them between your GoPro and the case, and they will absorb any moisture. No more foggy GoPro clips!

You don't have to pay $15 for the official GoPro anti-fog inserts, you can make your own for free!

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Ho Stevie said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

micbergsma did this like years ago, why not post something new and original instead of posers stealing and rehashing other people's tips?