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Sony A7Rii vs Canon 5Dsr Epic Shootout | Which Camera to Buy Tutorial

10/25/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

First let me say thank you to all of my faith supporters and friends out there. I really appreciate you guys so much!

Having shot with both of these cameras now for over 6 weeks, this is the very best information I can give you about them. Ive done my best to trim down the length, but if you are serious about investing into either one of these cameras, this will be worth your time.- said Michael-

Chapter List:

02:29 - Lenses Used in Tests
02:59 - Metabones IV Adapter with Canon Lenses
05:05 - Rack Focus Test
06:47 - Side-To-Side Action Servo Test
07:07 - Forward Action Servo Test
07:19 - Backlight Servo Test
08:23 - Buffer Performance
11:06 - Low Light Focusing
12:53 - Face Detection
15:52 - Eye Detection
17:03 - High ISO Stills
18:15 - High ISO Video
20:31 - Moire
20:57 - Rolling Shutter
21:27 - Heat Signature Tests
23:37 - Dynamic Range
23:52 - Portrait Test
26:34 - High ISO Sharpness Test
32:10 - Things I didn't like about the Sony A7Rii
35:17 - Conclusion

His Sony A7rii Tutorial Training Video is already available:

Text, links and video via MichaelTheMentor

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Anonymous said...

Hey whats with the constant "battles" between the sony and canon 5s.The 810 beat them both as seen in the last 12 head to head to head comps. Besides when it really comes down to it, they are all seriously the best(not including Leica and Hassie under $5000) cameras. So enough please.