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Special Dedolight Competition: Lighting for daylight interiors

10/05/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How do you light a dolly shot, in a spacious loft with ample daylight, with nothing but a lightweight, tungsten, Dedolight kit? Dedolights are well known for their applications in interviews, but we felt it would be good to highlight the capabilities in a more narrative setting.

By adding just a single roll of gel filtration ( a combined .3 ND + Full CTO) and a bit of tape to our lighting package, we can tackle this challenge with a small two-man crew.

Music by: Broke For Free (2014) BY-SA 3.0

This tutorial is a collaboration between Remco van Schadewijk (de Namen) and Hans de Jonge (Oculus Film)

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NOTE:  This year is a special year for Dedolight. It is the 50 year anniversary of Dedo Weigert Film and the 30 year anniversary of dedolight.

On this special occasion they want to let you participate in their International dedolight Competition and this is a selection of the best tutorials we have founded.

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