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Epic Stormchasing Portraits - Igniting a conversation on Cowspiracy & Climate Change by Von Wong

11/30/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

“Can you imagine how complicated it would be to plan a shoot whilst chasing a storm??”
It is almost impossible to look at the plethora of different crises that affect our world today without feeling overwhelmingly depressed and powerless. As a result, I’ve always shied away from negative news in hopes that if I ignored it, someone smarter and more qualified would come along and fix things and I wouldn’t have to deal with the negativity. - said Von Wong on his blog -

Photo by ©Von Wong
Photo by ©Anna Tenne –

Learn more about Cowspiracy and what you can do to change the world:


Photo & Video: Von Wong
Stormchaser: Kelly DeLay
Graphic Design: Stephen Vosloo
Camera Operators: Von Wong, Ryan Zimmerman, Anna Tenne, Pat Black
Drone Operator: Pat Black
Assistants/Models: Drew Lundquist, Anna Tenne, Ryan Zimmerman, Jessica Resheske, Adam Kinsler, Doug Chapin, Carrie Lewis, Christian Holman, Mike Hall, Joice Surcalo

Read more on how this was done:

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