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New Elinchrom Hi-Sync System tested by Frank Doorhof

11/18/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Frank Doorhof tested the Elinchrom High Sync System with Freerunners. Sorry for the typo in the beginning, of course it's Elinchrom Hi-Sync.

HyperSync vs HighSpeedSync and new Hi-Sync:  What is the Difference?

With Hi-Sync, it is very easy to take the best slice of the light out of the flash curve. The ODS feature helps you to fine tune and select the precise moment of your trigger.

Michael Clark explains on the blog of Elinchrom (website)  that there are three technologies on the market that allow for working with flash above the normal flash sync speed of DSLRs.

Hi-Sync is the new kid in town. Technically, it works in the same manner as HyperSync, but because Elinchrom has built it into the Skyport Plus HS transceiver and dialed in the timing exactly for their strobe units, they have perfected it on a level that solves many of the issues with HyperSync. - explains Michael-

Video via Frank Doorhof

Read the full post with all information about flash sync speed on

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