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New Lumu Power on Kickstarter - A Light Meter for the Future

11/30/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Lumulabs is proud to introduce the all-new light meter Lumu Power. It can measure color temperature, white balance, flash and ambient exposure, as well as illuminance. It is the obvious, but never before seen solution.


It incorporates two state-of-the-art sensors for unparalleled accuracy:
  • a True Color sensor, based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033, on one side and 
  •  a fast response Photodiode with CIE spectral luminous efficiency on the other.

Made to last

 Made of Stainless Steel housing and Polycarbonate Lexan diffusers, it is a premium light meter that has been engineered with the iPhone® and iPad® in mind. It attaches via the Lightning® connector, turning the iPhone into the smartest & fastest light meter device available.

Simple and intuitive to use

Using different and new apps, Lumu Power is an ever-evolving instrument. There are 7 compatible apps in the App Store, plus new ones on the way. These apps serve a variety of professions, from image makers to lighting designers, lighting retrofit professionals, horticulturists, etc. With it you won’t get an instruction manual 190 pages long. With it you can focus on the job you have to do.

Lumu Power is just one device that has the power of many Lumulabs revolutionized the personal light meter 3 years ago with the original Lumu light meter. Since then, we diligently listened our users and now we’re are ready to do the same thing again. 
The light that comes from the overhead fluorescent lights in your office is nothing like the light that pours from your favourite chandelier at home or of that of the bedside lamp that lets you read your favourite novel to help you fall asleep. Know the difference. Explore it. Make it work for you.

Lights have dramatically evolved since 1879. What would Mr. Edison say?
Lights have dramatically evolved since 1879. What would Mr. Edison say?
Like music in an elevator or a doctor's waiting room, color has the power to influence how we feel without us even noticing it. Film directors have been exploiting the way we see color for decades.

“Light can be gentle, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft.” - Sven Nykvist

White Balance mode in the new Lumu app is designed to show you
  • measured Color Temperature value and
  • value of required Tint compensation (Green vs. Magenta cast) for the perfect white.

If you work as a lighting designer or Director of Photography, "Filters" mode will help you to measure the color difference between multiple light sources and help you to choose the right filter to match them

In addition to measuring ambient incident light, new Lumu Power is capable of measuring flash light.

The main "flash" features: 

  • measuring flash exposure and Flash vs. Ambient light ratio
  • adjusting Flash vs. Ambient light ratio and auto compensating with shutter time (and vice versa).

Flash functionality currently works in a non-cord mode, where the meter waits for the flash and then takes the measurement.

Our next goal is to make it compatible with WiFi enabled flash units, such as Broncolor Siros or Elinchrom Skyport system. This is the future. And the future is bright with Lumu Power.
Measure illuminance as simple as possible.
We're adding presets to set and check if the right illuminance levels are reached and save your measurements.

The obvious workflow: set presets, measure and save.

The obvious workflow: set presets, measure and save.
Tech Specs 

- Measuring range: EV -4 to 20 at ISO 100
- Accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV
- Light receptor: fast-response Silicon photo diode, CIE spectral luminous efficiency
- Hemispherical Diffuser, Cardioid-type responses

Color (Temperature)
- Light receptor: True Color Sensor, CIE 1931 Color standard Human eye perception
- Sensitivity: Visible light
- Dynamic range: 1:1,000,000
- Accuracy: < 0.6 deltaE, Repeatability: < 0.2 deltaE
- Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response

- Measuring range: 0.15 - 250,000 lux
- Accuracy: +/- 3%
- Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response

- Power source: iOS device
- Materials: Housing: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Polycarbonate Lexan
- Compatibility: iOS devices using Lightning connector, running iOS 8+ 


NOTE: We will receive a unit to test here. Thank Lumu Team!!!

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