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How to Shoot an Interview with a Book Light

1/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

theC47 founder and producer Jem Schofield discusses how and when to utilize Westcott's Book Light Kit when filming an interview.

theC47 Book Light Kit provides superior light modification for interviews and narratives. Producing an extremely soft, flattering output, this light control kit is easy-to-use and can be paired with any continuous light source.

TheC47 Book Light Kit features two 4' x 6' Scrim Jim Cine modular frames. These frames are constructed with heavy-duty anodized aluminum for a lightweight yet durable design. These two 4' x 6' frames connect together to form a book-like configuration with the included Swing Hinge Connectors.

The kit also includes a reversible black/white bounce fabric, a reversible unbleached muslin/black block fabric, a 3/4-stop diffusion Silk Diffuser, and a 1/2-stop diffusion grid cloth. These high-quality fabrics are lined with durable touch fastener which allows for instant placement on the Scrim Jim Cine frames.

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Text and video via F.J. Westcott

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