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GPP2016 ShootOut Featuring Zack Arias, Martin Prihoda and Andrew Heatherington

2/19/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Dubbed by David Hobby as "the most exciting hour on the planet for photography" the annual GPP ShootOut pits three leading photographers against each other, each with 20 minutes to shoot a secret subject.

This year saw previous winner Zack Arias take on fashion photographer (and previous ShootOut contestant) Martin Prihoda and newbie GPP instructor Andrew Heatherington. There was plenty of drama, lots of suspense, space men, bear suits, tons of lighting and of course, goldfish! 

See for yourself how each of our contestants produced a single image in the amount of time given and who won the GPP2016 ShootOut title!

Save the date for #GPP2016, Feb 10-17

Video Director & Editor:
Anne Preussel

Anne Preussel
Louise Shrigley
Ali de Bongo

Eugene De Santos
Anu Prasanth
Iain McKenzie
Laura Huntley
Alexander Wilson

Digital Tech:
Musthafa Aboobacker
Kate Hailey

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