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5 Reasons to Buy a Leica M9 in 2016

6/10/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Leica are one of the most desirable cameras on the planet and also, one of the most expensive if you want to buy a brand new model.

If only a few days ago, Indy Filmmaker Mattias Burling explained in other video "5 Reasons to Buy a Leica M8 in 2016", now it is the moment to talk about the next step, the Leica M9.

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The M9 doesn't cost much more than any other full frame these days. So is it worth it? Feel free to checkout my Instagram,

I buy my gear mostly used, but if you feel like buying at least the lenses a brand new:
Voigtlander 28mm f2.0 Ultron.

I'm not a still photographer per say. I know my way around the camera, I have been paid to take photos lots of times, but it has been more in a journalistic matter. On a hobby level I shoot and develop film as a cheap way to practice film exposure for my s16mm experiments.

Lately I have been looking for ways to improve my skills as a cinematographer.One way is to become better at taking stills. If I can capture what I want in one frame, surely it must be easier with 24 frames per seconds.

I'm still not decided between the M8 and M9, but time will tell. - said Mattias-

Watch the previous video "5 Reasons to Buy a Leica M8 in 2016"

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