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From Hollywood to Into the shark's eye with Medium format photography with Michael Muller

6/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

From ISO1200, we have great admiration for photographer Michael Muller. His passion brings to limit the art of photography. One day can be taking portraits to famous in Hollywood and the next day underwater with one of the most dangerous animals in the earth: great white sharks.

Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face

Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face

Recently he has presented his last book, "Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face with the Ocean's Endangered Predator" with one of the most beautiful covers that I have never seen. This video is an amazing behind the scenes about he book.

He gets up close and personal with these wild animals using a newly patented underwater strobe system that's said to be the most powerful waterproof lighting system in the world.

Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face

Video via Phase One

About Michael Muller:

Photo School 's co-founders Michael Muller and Patrick Hoelck are Hollywood's two most sought-after Celebrity Photographers responsible for some of the most striking and globally-recognizable images

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