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Amazing Trick to Add Some Long Exposure to the Sky

7/30/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this episode, Serge Ramelli will show you how to add some long exposure sky to your long exposure photo.

1. If you want to see how to shoot super long exposure, check out this video:

2. Once you have retouched your photos as per the video, you go to Photoshop and add a sky layer, if you need some sky textures I have included one in the free source files link above. You must be logged in to download.
Or you can purchase my full sky collection and get 50% off using the Discount Code: 50SKY

3. Put the layer into Multiply mode.

4. Use the Filter - Blur gallery - Path Blur.
Play around with this to give your wind some direction and add some speed, make it faster if you have a super long exposure.

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