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What you don´t see: The craft and invisible artistry in the work of Casey Neistat

8/03/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I am one of that anonymous subscribers (4 Millions) to Casey Neistat´s YouTube Channel. With his daily vlog I learn a little bit about cinematography, a way of life....and spend a fun time . A happiness pill for every day.

In this video, Evan Puschak explores the craft and invisible artistry in the work of Casey Neistat.

About this video, Casey said
IT IS AN ILLUSION! thanks for this smart essay. challenging for me to articulate to my audience the methods spelled out here but you really got it. story is the apex predator in every genre of filmmaking, the cameras, techniques, cinematography i leverage in my vlog is all to serve that story. to tell it as best i can with the tools at hand.

Text, image and video via Nerdwriter1 and CaseyNeistat

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