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The Making of a Hybrid Film: People of the Delta by Joey L

8/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photographer Joey L. has shared today a behind the scenes look at how People of the Delta’s scripted scenes were merged with real life events.

People of the Delta by Joey L

For centuries, Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups. In an ever-changing landscape, young men and women come of age in an unfamiliar time.

The story is narrated from two unique perspectives. Uri- a young boy from the Hamar tribe who becomes a man during his rite of passage ceremony, and Segelgwo- an elder chief of the Daasanach, who reflects on his community’s uncertain future. -said on Vimeo-

A behind the scenes video which looks more into the gear they used on location in Southern Ethiopia during our rugged filming process.

You can  read the full article and the film "People of the Delta" here:

About Joey L:

Joseph Anthony Lawrence, best known as Joey L., is a Canadian-born photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Having borrowed his father’s digital point-and-shoot camera at the age of 10, Joey turned to photography as a means of expressing his creativity, which ultimately transformed into a lifelong passion. Let's Get Connected: Website |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Text, images and video via Joey L

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