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7 Tips To Becoming an Independent and Adventure Filmmaker

9/14/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I consider myself an adventure filmmaker. I make adventure science films with Jonas and Haley. We travel the world and tell stories. We're not that different from other filmmakers, but I find that what we do gives the illusion that it's all fun and games. We get a lot of people (often interns) who want to follow in our footsteps. I made this video for those that want to do just that. The take home message is that you should treat it like a job.- said independent filmmaker Rob Nelson on YouTube -

Thus, these tips are good for anyone wanting to become an independent filmmaker where you are your own boss.

1. Put in the time: You can't make this your career if you think it's all fun and games. You need to make it your job.

2. Make a Plan: What are you doing every week, every day, every hour. If you don't set a plan for the day, you may get lost in something that isn't important.

3. Choose a Good Partner: Believe it or not, but this decision will make or break your career. This kind of career takes a lot of sacrifice and without a partner that believes in it, I don't think it'll work.

4. Keep Living Expenses to a Minimum: In other words, try not to be tied to having to pay for your rent. Don't live over your means. Let yourself be creative by keeping your expenses to a minimum.

5. Never Stop Learning: If you don't learn more, you'll get left behind. Simple as that.

6. Give back to the community: This is important not only to help others learn, but it helps you learn the material better than you would have without that.

7. Make Great Content: You are always compared to other filmmakers in this business. Make it your job to do the best you can and it'll pay off.

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